by Mindshank

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Tracked/Produced/Mixed by Jordan Crotty
Written by Mindshank
Mastered by Adam Sonamax


released August 17, 2014

Thank you to Luke McComb for lending us his 5150 head, Ben Tranter for his splitter pedal and Dean Graham for lending us his Bass.



all rights reserved


Mindshank Central Coast, Australia

All music is free


Central Coast Hardcore

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Track Name: Blinded
I let my sins get the best of me
I know I'm not perfect but this isn't me
Blinded by hate after one fucking taste
Cliche to say but I don't wanna see another day

Locked into place
I am blind, led astray

This isn't me
Not who I want to be
Track Name: See Through
You kept me hanging by a fucking rope
Stuck for attention
Feeding an addiction
Your ways - you cannot seem to change
I'm not your dog kept in your cage

Clear as day the blind could see the pain you caused, the knife in me

And we all make mistakes - I'll be sure to admit
I won't let you drag me down with your vice grip

You're the reason I cannot forgive
You're the reason I cannot forget

You made me numb
I cannot feel
Broken trust, time will not heal
There's no such thing as fate
Track Name: Sleep
She's in my sleep
Lady watching over me
She feels my needs
Push the good under the sheets

Lady of Sorrow
I need your soul to borrow

I can't figure out what got the best of me
Am I doing good or the Devils deed?

I can't do this on my own
I can't do this all alone

I need your soul to borrow
Lady of Sorrow
Track Name: Face First
This is it?
I sold my soul for this?
This pain
I swung my fist

Face first
Let me be one with the dart
Head hurts
One with the earth

I can't count how many times I've fantasised about suicide
It might be the cowards way out - exactly why it would suit me

Working for the suits greed
Workin' 'round the twist till you get deaths kiss
Lost my aspiration
I hope your words boost your self esteem
Track Name: Weak
The fightings in my head
I want to be my best
I am a righteous man
I took the Devils hand

I had my faith
But then I got the taste

Laid out in front of me
I always meant the best but intentions grew weak
Not who I used to be
I formed the line, became the sheep